Hi, I’m Colin 👋

I use words to build worlds for iconic brands.

I help founders, investors, and companies tell their story and sell more online.

My words have been read hundreds of millions of times across organic social posts, emails, articles, ads, decks, 1-pagers, and more.

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My story

I started my career as a writer on TeamGaryVee.

In just 15 months, I wrote 10s of thousands of words for and with Gary Vaynerchuk which reached 100s of millions of impressions across his various social media accounts online.
Now, I write for other founders, investors, and brands.

Here’s what I can do

Personal & corporate mission statements
Sales & marketing emails of any kind
Organic social posts
Pitch decks
Landing pages
Tweet threads
Investor updates
Interview series
Internal process docs
Job descriptions
Product descriptions
Podcast descriptions
Sales scripts
Long form biographies
Social media bios
Full website audits
Editing services of any kind
Since my time on TeamGaryVee, my words have helped these brands

How I work

I charge by the month.
I don’t charge for revisions. I charge for my time.
I strive to produce products that we’re both proud of.
If that takes zero revisions, or multiple, that’s fine with me.
I only work with a few clients at once.
I don’t work with pessimistic people.
I go all-in for my clients.
I endeavor to be extremely values-aligned.

So... are you ready to take your writing to the next level?

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